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Implant retained dentures

Implant-retained dentures

Implant-retained dentures are an innovative treatment that allows the permanent placement of dentures on dental implants. This gives an excellent alternative to removable dentures. The implant-retained dentures can be placed in the lower jaw, where traditional dentures do give adequate support and strength.

Although traditional dentures tend to be stable in the upper jaw, implant-retained dentures are more stable in the upper and lower jaw.

What are the benefits of implant-retained dentures?

The following are a few benefits of implant-retained dentures.

  • Prevent using messy denture powders, pastes or adhesive
  • Improves your ability to chew food properly
  • A Secure and comfortable result, and you won’t have to worry about ill-fitting or loose dentures
  • Restores youthfulness by softening wrinkles resulting from lost lip support
  • Affordable and simple teeth replacement option
  • Preserves your natural smile and natural facial structure

Can I get implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are suitable for people without teeth on one or both arches and have sufficient jawbone to support dental implants. During your consultation with our dentist at Dental Implants Clinic Turkey, you will have an assessment to determine if you are an ideal candidate for dentures.

How do implant-retained dentures work?

These dentures have an acrylic base that looks like natural gum, with acrylic or porcelain teeth attached to the base. Two types of implant-retained dentures are available. They include:

  • Bar-retained dentures
    For this implant-retained denture, the dentist will place 2 – 5 implants in the jawbone, then attach a thin metal bar to them, which follows your natural jaw curvature. The dentist will place attachments on the base and clip the denture.
  • Ball-retained dentures
    The dentist will place 2 – 5 dental implants in the jawbone and place metal, ball-shaped attachments to them. The attachments will fit into the corresponding attachments on the denture, holding them in place.

Procedure for implant-retained dentures

The dentist will examine your oral health and discuss the treatment during the initial consultation. If you are a good candidate for implant-retained dentures, you will have an appointment to insert the implants in your jaw.

The surgery requires local anaesthesia, but you may get a sedative to help you relax. After the implant placement, your dentist will fit a set of temporary teeth. Following the healing period, usually 4 – 6 months, you will have an appointment to fit the permanent denture.


You need to remove the dentures and carefully clean them every day. Ensure you also remove the dentures before sleeping, like regular dentures. Some people prefer permanent bridgework and crown, which do not need removal for cleaning.

You will discuss available teeth restoration options with the dentist during your consultation.

If you want to get implant-retained dentures to replace your missing, failing, or damaged teeth, feel free to visit Dental Implants Clinic Turkey or call us for an appointment with our dentist.