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Dentures are the oldest and most common replacement options for missing teeth. Dentures are also known as false teeth or removable dentures. This dental restoration is gradually getting replaced by dental implants and dental bridges, but some people still opt for dentures. In some cases, dentures are an unsuitable option, which makes dentures the only option.

Which type of dentures do I need?

Different dentures are available, but they fall under the following categories.

All plastic or full acrylic dentures

Acrylic dentures are the most common materials used for dentures. All plastic dentures are durable and have high quality. They are mostly used as full dentures to replace missing teeth on an arch.

Advantages of all plastic dentures
  • Easy to repair
  • Have a relatively lightweight
  • Affordable
Disadvantages of all plastic dentures
  • Breaks easily when dropped on hard surfaces
  • Bulky due to its thickness
  • Requires support from the gums

Metal combined with plastic dentures

Dentures made with both plastic and metal dentures are comfortable, and most people tolerate them. These dentures are strong due to the metal skeleton made from chrome and cobalt, with plastic gum and teeth in the metal structure.

These dentures can serve as full dentures but are mostly used for partial dentures for people who still have a few teeth in their mouth. The plastic used for metal and plastic dentures is usually acrylic and has metal clasps.

The plastic may also consist of nylon material, but the denture will be more flexible than plastic-metal dentures made with acrylic, usually called Flexi dentures. Flexi dentures have no metal clasps but are preferred for their aesthetic feature, and many people refer to them as aesthetic dentures.

Dentures with Flexi plastic and a metal substructure are better suited as partial dentures because they are more aesthetic and comfortable.

Dentures with Flexi plastic and a metal substructure are better suited as partial dentures because they are more aesthetic and comfortable.

Advantages of metal-plastic dentures
  • Highly tolerable
  • Supported by both gum and the tooth
  • Those made with acrylic are repairable
  • Have better stability and retention
  • More aesthetically pleasing functional
Disadvantages of metal-plastic dentures
  • Cost more
  • Part of the metal structure is visible
  • Changes in teeth shape cause the metal not to fit
  • Requires a few teeth for fitting

Aesthetic or Flexi dentures

These dentures are made with a flexible acrylic material and are better suited to replace a few missing teeth, especially the front teeth, which are visible when you smile. Flexi dentures have clasps and are comfortable. The clasps are plastic giving better retention.

Advantages of Flexi dentures
  • Have flexible material
  • Lightweight
  • More tolerable
  • Most aesthetically pleasing
  • Have no metal clasps, meaning better retention
Disadvantages of Flexi dentures
  • Unsuitable for replacing many teeth, unlike dentures with a metal structure
  • Cost more than acrylic dentures
  • Easily stained compared to acrylic dentures

How much do dentures cost?

The cost of dentures depends on different factors such as the material used to make the dentures, your dentist and the type of denture. However, most dentures have a fixed price range for denture fitting.

Generally, partial acrylic dentures cost about £600 - £1000, while full acrylic dentures cost about £1000 - £3000. Metal-plastic dentures cost about £1000 - £2800, and flexible dentures cost £2200 - £3400.

Different payment plans are available for denture payment at Dental Implants Clinic Turkey. After your initial appointment, our dentist will inform you of the exact cost of your dentures.

Who can tolerate dentures?

Most people do not feel comfortable with a foreign object in their mouth. Research shows a 50% chance that most people without dentures cannot tolerate it. However, people have varying tolerance rates for fixed and removable dental restorations such as implants, bridges, crowns and dentures.

If you want to fit dentures and need a dentist to properly fit them to prevent discomfort, visit our dental implants clinic in Turkey or call us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist.