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Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

At Dental Implants Clinic Turkey, patients often ask "How much will be the cost of dental implants?” Our dentists provide a free consultation session for a clear idea of how much the treatment cost with dental implants in Turkey will be.

How much do dental implants cost in Turkey?

How much does dental implants cost in Turkey? We compare the price of dental implants with other countries like Europe to know better how convenient it will be for choosing implant treatment in Turkey.

The average cost of dental implants in Turkey is somewhere from €460 to €800. This will actually depend on the materials used and the complexity of your case.

Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

An in-office consultation with our dentist is important before getting any treatment. Our dentist will provide a written treatment plan showing available dental implants and the cost of each stage or treatment.

Treatment Turkey Price UK Price Savings Description
Consultation Usually refunded when you accept the treatment plan FREE £69 100% The consultation may take about an hour, and the dentist will go through your treatment procedure
One implant £450 From £1595 72% You may not need an implant to replace a missing tooth. Other treatments like bridges may be a better option
Abutment Part of Implant, no extra cost. From £200 100% The abutment connects the implant to a dental restoration like crowns or bridges
Crown £227 From £900 75% The crown is the visible tooth part. You can get porcelain crowns for front teeth to give a natural-looking result
Bridge for a tooth £360 From £950 62% Two or more dental implants can support one row of teeth linked together. If you have multiple missing teeth, the cost will depend on each tooth
Overdenture for an arch £3000 From £7000 - £9000. This includes the dental implants 66% The implants support dentures by anchoring them to the gums. You may need four implants in the upper arch and two implants in the lower arch with abutments for each denture.
Fixed full teeth £12000 (including hotel, airfare and transports) £20000 to £25000 for an arch 52%
Bone grafting £289, Free for Full mouth implants From £325 11% Bone grafting is a supplementary procedure for patients with insufficient bone in the jaw to support the implant
CT scans FREE From £110 100% Done when necessary

Special Package Deals

Our team has several affordable package deals for the international patients to make their stay comfortable in the country. The packages will include – hotel accommodation and dental treatment in Dental Implants Clinic Turkey. If you want to know more about our special packages for dental treatment, then go through this link.

Our most popular package is full mouth dental implants travel package for only £12500

Including for your both visits: your 5* hotel including breakfast, all your VIP transfers from/to airport and clinic and all medication and dental treatments needed