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Dental implant warranty

Dental implant warranty

Dental implants are a common option for replacing failing or missing teeth. They are natural, secure and comfortable. With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about jaw bone loss and a change in your facial structure.

Do dental implants have a warranty?

Dental implants usually have a warranty, but the warranty differs based on the dentist. Usually, the warranty for dental implants covers the repair or replacement of flawed, fractures, cracked or broken implants resulting from poor quality.

However, you may pay for the replacement or repair of discoloured, lost implants or excessively worn down implants due to improper care or teeth grinding. Understanding what your warranty covers before dental implant surgery is important.

A successful dental implant procedure depends on many factors, but you must be in good dental health and adhere to the aftercare instructions from the dentist. In the first 7 – 10 days after your implant surgery, stick to soft foods and ensure you brush around the area with the implant to remove bacteria, except your dentist advises you otherwise.

Getting dental implants in Turkey

Before you undergo a dental implant procedure, you need to find an experienced and skilled dental professional for the procedure. Our dentists at Dental Implants Clinic Turkey are skilled at placing dental implants and will ensure you have a successful treatment to restore your beautiful smile.

Our dentist will examine your teeth during your initial consultation and inform you about the different dental implant procedures. The dentist will also discuss the right treatment option to restore your smile, including your treatment cost and warranty. This consultation lets you get information on properly caring for the implants to prevent damage.

Our dental implant procedure comes with a warranty, and you can trust our experience dentist properly fit your implant. Read our reviews online before call Dental Implants Clinic Turkey to schedule your dental implant consultation.