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Dental implant surgery

How long is the recovery period after dental implant surgery?

The duration of recovery following dental implant surgery varies depending on the situation, the number of dental implants and the level of care after the procedure. Your dentist may administer local anaesthesia for the procedure, but some patients may also get a sedative.

After dental implant surgery, most patients experience slight discomfort and minor swelling, and bruising may be present for a couple of days. If you had a bone graft procedure, the swelling would be significant with more discomfort. During the initial consultation, the dentist will inform you of pain medication to relieve your pain and aftercare tips to ensure your comfort.

However, if you have a single implant, the swelling and discomfort will be minor, and you can carry out your daily activities shortly after the procedure.

Is special care necessary after dental implant surgery?

Aftercare following dental implant surgery doesn't need much effort but ensure you brush the affected area gently to prevent bacteria and plaque accumulation. During recovery, avoid eating chewy and crunchy food, and opt for a soft diet in the first 7 – 10 days.

In some cases, eating soft foods in the first six weeks is necessary for proper healing and to prevent complications. Your dentist will inform you how to care for your teeth, including the necessary medications.

What can prevent or slow down healing?

Having a healthy lifestyle is important for a successful recovery. Smoking has several adverse effects, from increasing recovery time and the risk of complications. This makes avoiding smoking in the first 1 – 2 weeks post-dental implant surgery important.

Avoid excess alcohol consumption and eat healthy foods to aid faster healing. Bacteria and plaque can accumulate around your gums if you do not brush and floss your teeth and around the implant area.

Routine dental care plays a vital role in the success of dental implants. Ensure you discuss with your dentist to get specific care tips.

When will the implants settle in?

After initial healing, the dental implant will continue fusing with the underlying jaw bone. This usually takes about three months before fitting the dental bridge or crown. The exact duration for bone fusion to the implants depends on the patient, the presence of bone graft and the quality of the jawbone.

Regular dental appointments are important for a successful dental implant procedure. During the appointments, the dentist will examine your teeth and give you personalised care advice for your dental implant.

If you're concerned about getting dental implants and the procedure's success, visit Dental Implants Clinic Turkey or call us to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist. Our dental implant dentist will discuss the procedure, including aftercare, for a successful recovery.