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Welcome to Dental Implants Clinic Turkey

Affordable and high-quality dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey

At Dental Implants Clinic Turkey, we provide the highest quality dental implants under the banner of health tourism, to patients from around the world as well as from the UK. Our team of experienced dentists improve smiles, restoring confidence levels, with their work and replacing damaged and failing teeth and teeth that are missing.

Expect the warmest of welcomes when you arrive at our clinic where skilled and experienced dental surgeons will start with a dental exam in our state-of-the-art clinic. The best of attention and highest measures of dentistry come as standard with us. 

Our cutting-edge dental technology encompasses CEREC® technology and Volumetric tomography along with digital implant software  and state of the art laser technologies. Then there is the  RaySet technology, utilising implant guiding.

Customarily we will carry out implant treatment using local anaesthesia although if a patient suffers from a disability or an extremely strong phobia we can revert to using an operating theatre where general anaesthetic can be administered.

Whether you come to us for just one implant or are having implants in the upper and lower jaw one thing we can promise you is that your entire treatment will be roughly about 80% cheaper than it will be in the UK, and that includes flights and accommodation.

Full Mouth Dental Implants holiday travel Package Only £12500 Dental Implants per tooth priced from Only £400 All on 4 from Only £4000 per Arch
Dental Implants before after

What is a Dental Implant?

An implant is a screw made out of titanium. This screw will be introduced to your jawbone and will act as a root for any new teeth that are to be added.  once the titanium screw is introduced to the jawbone it will fuse with the natural bone giving a solid basis on which your eventual crown can be placed.

A Dental Implant Consists of Three Components.

  • The implant: This is the screw like titanium implant that will be inserted into the socket of the missing tooth.
  • The abutment: The post that is attached after healing
  • Crown: This is the crown that is added and that will act as your new tooth

Whether you are searching for Dental Implants in Turkey, then you are at the right place. Dental Implants Clinic Turkey is your best choice.

Dental Implant Treatments We Offer

Steps to Getting Teeth Done in Turkey


Your Free Quote

Simply send us a recent X-ray and any dental photos you have and our specialist will examine them and provide you with a treatment plan giving you their opinion as to the best procedure for you as well as how much it is likely to cost.


Travel & Accommodation

Once you are happy with your treatment plan you can start to make your arrangements to travel to Turkey. We will ensure that you have comfortable hotel accommodation that is close to the clinic for the time that you are in the city.



We will ensure that you are picked up and taken to the clinic in time for your treatments and while you enjoy exploring the city of Istanbul we will make sure that your timetable is worked out for you.

Why Choose Turkey for Dental Implants?

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    The first reason and perhaps the most obvious one is that the cost of dental surgery in Turkey is considerably less than in the UK or other countries in Europe. However you should always keep in mind that although prices are low this does not mean standards are low as well. We use the exact same materials and products as in the country you come from, just at a much lower price.
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    We understand that patients can sometimes be nervous about having treatments so far from home. For reassurance please read the genuine feedback of previous patients which you can find on our website.
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    The free consultation we offer and comprehensive treatment plans are our proudest offerings along with the state-of-the-art facilities throughout the clinic.
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    We are fully certified by the Provincial Health Directorate for health tourism in Turkey.
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    Our highest quality dental implants all come with a guarantee for a lifetime. We also always use software for guided implanting so that the patient will have their surgery and any discomfort cut to a minimum. The advantage of using this type of implant guiding service is that swelling is minimised and no sutures will be required.
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    The next reason to have your dental implants in Turkey is the solid lifetime guarantee that we issue with our implant surgery. Our cosmetic dentist in Istanbul Turkey will be with you from the beginning of your treatment to the end and will always be on hand even after it is finished. We consider every patient we see to be a patient for life and at any time that you visit Turkey after your treatment you can have a free check-up or examination.
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    Before you even start treatment we will put together a customised plan for you as well as a breakdown of costing. There will be no hidden extras so whatever you are given as your guide the cost will be fixed.
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    We have two fully equipped ultra-modern operating theatres in our clinic where a patient can be treated under general anaesthesia if they require that.
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    We offer flexible payment terms which you will have explained to you when you called to make a booking.
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    Our patient coordinators are carefully chosen and multilingual so that they can speak to our patience in their home language. These patient coordinators will also be responsible for taking you to the clinic an returning you to the hotel while you were having your procedure done. Waiting lists for treatment are short and we always try to be as flexible as possible for our patients

The Advantages of having Dental Implants

  • you will notice the way you speak improve.
  • eating will be a lot easier.
  • you're missing teeth will be replaced.
  • there is no risk of a tooth becoming infected with a dental implant.
  • you will have a confidence boosting look.
  • implants do not affect any natural teeth around them.
  • your ability to taste will not be affected by your dental implants.
  • a dental implant will be stable and comfortable and unlike dentures will not move or make any noise.
  • there will be no decay with a dental implant.

How Does A Dental Implant Work?

How Does Dental Implant Work

Your dental implant is going to be surgically introduced to your jawbone by your surgeon. Once this has been done sometime will have to elapse while the bone and the titanium screw fused together.  The period that you have to wait is generally around about three months although if it has been necessary to carry out any bone grafting or sinus lifting the rest period may have to be extended to six months. Once the bonding is complete the dentist will put what is called an abutment on top of it. This abutment will be the support for the dental crown, the part of the implant that is going to be the replacement for your tooth.

Your dental implant will look feel and function exactly like a normal tooth. You will not be able to feel the implant in your jaw in the same ways you cannot feel a tooth root in your jaw.

There are several procedures involved in having a dental implant and you will have to see the dentist more than once for things like x-rays and other tests which are necessary to determine whether your jaw can support the implants that you want to have.

Where an entire upper or lower arch of teeth is missing another possibility for replacing these teeth is all on 4 dental implants where patients are given a temporary set of teeth in just one day.  ask us for details of this if you think it's something you might be interested in.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Dental Implants in Turkey

Step by Step Guide to Dental Implants

There are several steps involved in dental implant surgery. The first step will be having an assessment by a dentist who will recommend you have a dental implant. Next comes the planning stage and the patient will need to see the dentist twice before their full procedure is completed.  The first stage will be the dental implant surgery and the next stage will be the placement of the dental crowns

The panoramic dental x-rays that you have had before you come to us will be examined closely because people who do not have enough bone or have other issues may not be considered suitable to have a dental implant procedure.

The first step of extracting any teeth that are to be removed should be accompanied with sufficient rest or ideally you could arrange to have these teeth extracted before you attend for a dental implant at our clinic.

How much do Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

Treatments Turkey UK Savings
Full mouth Dental Implants
Travel package
( Including Airfare, Hotel and all Transport)
£26,500 69%
All-on-4 £4,000 £12,950 70%
All-on-6 £4,400 £14,750 71%
All-on-8 £5,200 £16,750 65%
3-on-6 £4,400 £10,750 59%
Zirconium Implants £600 £2,750 63%
Single Implants £450 £2500 82%

Let us Transform Your Confidence

FAQs on Dental Implants Surgery

You could consider a dental implant to be a device that is screwlike and that will act as the anchor for an artificial tooth. A dental implant represents the root of a tooth.

Anyone who needs to have teeth replaced because some are missing or are irregular or has gaps between them may consider having a dental implant. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for this procedure and if you have enough bone to support the implant in your jaw. You might also need a sinus lift.

You will not find having a dental implant painful because you will be given adequate anaesthetic that will be applied locally. We can also offer needle free injections for patients who are particularly phobic about needles. If you have had to have teeth extracted prior to your dental implant surgery, you make experience some pain from this that should resolve within a couple of days and can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication.

No, the number of implants a patient with a healthy mouth can have, is not limited. However, rather than have an implant for each individual tooth most people will opt for an implant that supports several teeth on bridgework.

The whole procedure normally takes three days. The first day will be made up of consultation with your dental surgeon, while on the second day you will have your surgery. On the third day which is two days after the beginning of treatment, you will be seen for a check-up. Because the time it takes for a bone to implant fusion varies from patient to patient. You will be seen again some three to six months later to have the crowns attached as well as any bridges that have been planned.

With proper professional treatment, the appropriate dental aftercare and clinical monitoring high-quality implants should last you a lifetime.

In the very unlikely event that an implant detaches itself from your jawbone we will assess the situation and if necessary replace the old implant with a slightly larger, new implant. Although instances of this type of thing are very rare when they do occur they usually occur in the first three months after surgery and often because the patient has not followed aftercare instructions properly. For instance, if a patient continues to smoke after they've had dental implant surgery this will have an effect on bone growth and may prevent the implant from being embedded properly in the jaw.

Yes there will. We always give a lifetime guarantee on the implants offered at our clinic and a specific guarantee card for the implant used will be given after the treatment is completed. The guarantee will be registered online.

This particular procedure takes a very short time to accomplish and does not involve any type of incision into the gum of the patient. The surgical guide will provide the correct angles for the implant. This means that healing time is cut down drastically. As well as that our dental surgeon is very likely the most experienced exponent of this particular procedure in Turkey so that you know you are in safe hands if you elect to have computer guided dental implants with us.

We use only the highest quality dental implants which are manufactured in Switzerland in the USA and in Germany. All of them come with a lifetime guarantee.

Any type of surgical procedure will have risks attached dental implants are no different. The usual risks include infection at the site of the implant as well as some risk of nerve damage which may cause permanent numbness.

Assuming that you do not do anything unusual with your teeth and carry out very good oral hygiene to teeth and gums, the longevity of a dental implant should be around 25 years and although this may seem a costly procedure to begin with, this is a permanent solution with one outlay.

Once one of your natural teeth has been pulled out the density of your bone will start to diminish. Sometimes the loss of a tooth is attributable to bone density loss. Since grafting onto the bone is essential for this procedure, if your bone density is not sufficient then bone grafting will be done to increase it. As far as sinus lifting is concerned, sinus pockets may prevent the implant being successfully applied in which case sinus lifting can be done alongside the placement of the implant. Ask us if you would like to know more about either sinus lifting or bone grafting.

Allowing a patient to eat normally is the aim of any dental treatment. Once you have dental implants they will function and look like your normal teeth so yes, you will be able to eat anything you like.

Having a general anaesthetic for this procedure is not necessary and usually we use a local anaesthetic because the procedure is not painful. However, there are some occasions when a patient simply cannot face having surgery without a general anaesthetic and we will certainly do our best to accommodate those patients.

This varies from patient to patient, the number of implants that have been introduced and the scale of the surgical procedure undertaken. In theory, however, you should be able to return to work the day after having your dental implants although most people would take a couple of days off to recover from this surgery in the same way as they would to recover from any other surgery.

We certainly can help patients who are dental phobic. In fact our dental surgeons have a lot of experience in dealing with anxious patients and we will be happy to offer you a general anaesthetic if that's what you need to have your surgery.

We accept Euros and also you could pay in U.S. dollars, Turkish lira or UK sterling. After you have seen the exchange rate on the day you could elect to pay in local currency and we can send you your billing in any currency that you wish.

Our packages offer everything you will need to have for your dental implants in Turkey and can include – hotels, transfers to all appointments as well as any follow up care before you go home. All medication charges and surgery fees will also be included in the cost of the package

Your Free Consultation session begins with a conversation. From there we will connect you with a dental surgeon who will answer any questions you might have.

We can keep our prices low because of exchange rates, government incentives and lower labour and material costs in the dental sector in Turkey. This highly competitive pricing has opened doors to customers who come to us from all over the world.

We will stay in touch with you, as you recover from your implant surgery. Our team will contact you after the treatment to check on your recovery.

What Our Patiens Says About Us?

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rating star icon After losing most of my teeth to gum disease I needed dental implants but could not afford them in the UK. Dental Implants Clinic, Turkey offers an affordable price and a package that included all my travel and accommodation as well. Highly recommended.

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Lydia Parker
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2 days ago

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rating star icon A great clinic that offers really good value for money.

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rating star icon First class treatment from this A1 clinic.

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